On The Merry-Go-Round We Go!..Again.

Well, another appointment has come and gone. Another one minus his Case Manager. THIS time, due to a death in the family.

First of all, we talked about B.’s medications and his eating “habits” of BARELY eating. Especially since again, he has lost weight and is showing the visible signs of it.

So, the doctor and I have decided to cut back some on his Vyvanse by 20 mgs. I will be placing the contents of the entire capsule in to a glass of water, pour out 2 ounces of a 7 oz. glass, then have him drink the other 5 oz. of water to consume 50 mg. of the medicine. I should know in a couple of weeks of doing this if it was the right move.

As for the Seroquel and the Intuniv, they are staying at the same dose of 50 mg. and 2 mg. amounts.

If push comes to shove, I will strongly consider a drug that is used in cancer patients to induce hunger and the wanting to eat. This would hopefully counter the unwillingness to eat and help him gain his weight and proper amount of muscle mass back.

His spinning/walking backwards is apparently a compulsive problem. He does this a lot. Like in Sears and the mall, where he almost knocked some things over and almost hit in to people.

And I found out that the noises and the sniffling (constantly most times) is a couple of tics that he has developed. But I cannot say for certain that it is medication-induced, or brain-induced tics. I think that at the next appointment in April (or was that March?), I will ask about that.

Also, his nose bleeds have been more active.

The highlight to all of this? He hasn’t been getting in to AS MUCH trouble in school as of late, with his behavior. Homework and attention? Still not that great. But we are working on it.


Psych. Appt. Update..

All went well. We will work on organizational skills in regards to B’s homework and school bag/folders. As well as making certain he brings his Agenda home, WITH his assignments written in so we can initial them as he gets them done each day.

The doctor is pleased that I was able to take B off of his Seroquel (I did it on my own, without doctor’s permission, seeing as the dr. knew I would eventually decide when to try) with POSITIVE results in his mood (especially in the mornings) and sleeping/waking pattern. I no longer struggle in the mornings with him and his having nasty mood swings, or having him OVER sleep on the weekends, also with bad results.

He is still on his two ADHD medications. Vyvanse in the morning and the Intuniv at bedtime. Highest dose possible for the Vyvanse, still, and the 2 mg. dose out of possible 3 for the Intuniv.

Next appointment will be in January. And yes, the Case Manager was there and was instructed by the doctor to HELP with me getting him to better organize and to check in frequently with us as a family.

Case Manager “funny”… We told her how B’s been doing in school. We mentioned his two C’s for NOT turning in his homework and that we are taking steps to correct the problem. She interjects with “be sure to praise him when he does something right” when I mentioned that B said he was NOW turning in his homework.

Right then and there, I and my husband BOTH cut her off with a look of shock I think. We said that we DO praise him. But I refuse to let my child try to turn the tables and change the subject as to get out of getting in to trouble for his lack of responsibility with HIS homework.

Her eyes got big when we said that while we are glad he IS “turning it in now”, as B stated, we aren’t going to ALWAYS use the “5 positives for 1 negative” rule.

Funny. She rarely sees my son, calls to check up on him and us, and only really has us sign papers. I don’t see that as qualifying to TELL ME what I “need” to do. If she were involved more with him and with us on a more personal level (calling, coming for home visits, etc.), then I would see it differently.