A Rant, a Worry & A Missing Kid

Not a good start. Not at all. Was going well until I got yelled and screamed at. For being almost 11, he acts like a three year old.

Oh, and I called the school to be certain my youngest had made it okay, seeing as I didn’t see or hear her leave, thanks to his fit taking my time and attention away from her, and the bus apparently must HAVE gotten her, being they rounded the corner to go up the road after dropping kids off.

No seven-year-old in sight, so I’m certain she got on to the bus and went…And it’s since been confirmed that she did. Thankfully.

THIS is the kind of stuff that I try to stress to his Case Manager. What B pulls/does/doesn’t do affects especially the little one. But to her, HE is the *only* important factor. Not the repercussions on the other two.

But this type of stuff is causing SAFETY issues, as well as eating issues that are not only upon him, but are rubbing off on his little sister. The oldest of the three can hold her own against her brother. Most of the time. But his little sister should not have to suffer as well due to HIS problems and reactions.

Of course, all SHE cares about is getting the proper papers turned in, and rarely will she call for other reasons than for that. THAT is the only time she asks about him and what’s been going on. And it’s never about how it is in the overall home environment. Just how HE is doing and if there are any problems that she needs to be aware of.

She knows he has a severe problem with eating. She never calls even to check on him for that.

Ugh… I get SO sick of dealing with Case Management. I’d rather just deal with his Psychiatrist and call it a day. Especially when they aren’t really doing their job.


What are YOUR thoughts?

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