April Is…

I have a lot of causes and “awareness” topics/subjects I like to make others “aware” of. For one thing, I am a Transplant Recipient, so I have already posted about becoming a Registered Donor.

I have *tried* to bring forth attention/awareness to how Group Homes for the severely disabled are “ran”. Sadly though, barely anyone read, let alone said ANYTHING about the atrocities that had taken place in that facilities and in others ALL OVER THE WORLD like it. I found and used a couple of videos from a (now closed) institution in Bulgaria. To read and watch the videos (that are heart breaking, but THEIR voices SHOULD be heard), please CLICK HERE.

Not only is this the month (April) for Organ/Eye/Tissue Donation Awareness, but also for Autism/Asperger’s Awareness as well.

I personally highly suspect Asperger’s in Bryce. But the doctor (is this a surprise?) INSISTS (without testing him, mind you) that he DOES NOT have ANY form of Autism.

These children (and adults) are more like us “neurotypical” folks than you think. They just have some quirks that can seem a tad bit odd to the lay person and see the world through a different pair of glasses than most other people do.

3 thoughts on “April Is…

  1. April is also sexual abuse prevention and awareness month.. Yeah Aspie is something they would prefer to ignore choosing the more major diagnosis like bipolar and the like. Something they can give a pill for and it is frustrating as hell.

  2. So many kids on the spectrum have all the things your son has. It seems like Asperger's/Autism encompasses the others…ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders. All the effort it takes a spectrum kiddo to process creates anxiety, and extreme mood reactions. Sometimes a dx is a long time coming. Best to you and keep going.

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