So much for "cutting back" or "phasing out". (sad and disappointed)

The other day, I’d written a post about CUTTING BACK on my son’s Seroquel to see if there was an ability to actually take him all the way off of it.

For the last few nights, I had him taking only 25 mg of the medication, instead of the 50, which he’d been dropped to for the last three weeks, from his top dose of 100 mg.

Sadly, those hopes of completely pulling Bryce off of the Seroquel have been dashed as of this morning.

There have been noticeable changes in his moods and behaviors. And this morning, it became extremely clear that the 25 mg was just not enough to stabilize him.

He has become belligerent, has been spewing “verbal venom” towards me and his sisters, and has gotten physically combative.

These are telltale signs that the 25 mg is just not enough to help him with his ability to have a calm discussion and not want to resort to violent tendencies.

I knew deep down that I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes so high and so positive, it’s like rainbows were shooting out my ass towards the thought and BELIEF that finally my child could be FREE of even just ONE drug flowing through his system as to help his brain have better control of its self, and Bryce of himself.

But then again, as a mother, how can I *not* at least TRY to be positive in the HOPES that something (for once) goes right for my child in the world of Mental Illness? Is it really too much to ask for some kind of peace for his ever-going mind?

5 thoughts on “So much for "cutting back" or "phasing out". (sad and disappointed)

  1. It's not to much to ask that you want your child to have peace for his mind.He might not be off the medicine, but taking less is a step.You have to recall the small steps.

  2. It's not bad to hope for the best. I'm sorry this one didn't work out, but you're still trying to make his life as good as possible.Hopefully something else will work out, since this didn't.

  3. Doug currently uses 300mg at night.. he is probaly going to have to be upped. IF and WHEN I can ever get him back in to a therapist.. because you know he is an adult and has all the damn answers..hoping you can et a better handle on Bryce with him having been diagnosed much earlier

  4. I hope that you don't lose HOPE that someday he will be completely med-free. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.Sending positive thoughts your way always.

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