Sometimes I feel Alone In Parenting. Now There’s A *GROUP* For Us!

I know that there are MILLIONS of parents that have to care for children that are not what society views as a “normal” child. We are of a unique “breed” of parenting. We are parents of children that have a disability of one kind or another.

Some of our kids have just one disability to live with and battle. Some of us have a child or even more than one child in our home that have a multitude of disabilities.

And for most of us, while the diagnosis may be the same in comparison, the way our lives and theirs, their severity of disability and how each individual home decides to “deal with it” may greatly differ.

There are times, especially when Bryce is having a really bad “off” day, I feel so very isolated and alone. Like no one truly understands what he goes through, or that I do as his mother. At times, I think that no one really CAN understand.

But then after the storm passes, I then know that indeed, I am NOT alone. There really ARE other parents out in the world like me that live daily with the struggles of having a disabled child. May the child be physically, mentally, or even emotionally or behaviorally challenged.

Now, thanks to Vic, Ashley and Danielle over at For The Love Of Blogs (FTLOB), us parents that are raising children that are considered “Special Needs” will have a group/place of our own to come together and talk and get/give support.

Most of the time, Special Needs Parents are shut out from the rest of the world. We are considered “taboo”, as are our children and their medical problems. And it is such a shame, seeing as our children can teach the rest of the world more than us “normal” people can of how to give UNCONDITIONAL love, support and acceptance.

If you wish to also join the group and get to know other parents of Special Needs kids, just click on the link I provided and follow the instructions.

And you can also join a host of other groups that the FTLOB family is putting together. I cannot say enough about this EXTREMELY wonderful and supportful community, where both fellow bloggers, as well as those that just love to read blogs, can come together as one and support each other, and form some wonderful friendships.

Hope to see you join me there soon!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel Alone In Parenting. Now There’s A *GROUP* For Us!

  1. I think this is great! While I like the concepts of online support forums, a blog gathering will also be great to see the other aspects of our lives; after all, we're not completely defined by our children-with or without special needs! I'm definitely going to check it out!jen @ messhalltobistro.blogspot.comps-found you from Say Hi Sunday

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